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Fast Funeral Printing is a full service design and print department. We cater to everyone from small business to large corporations. Color printing and large format posters and signs are our specialty. Design services are also available if artwork is not prepared beforehand. Who we are not Your average corner copy shop. We have the knowledge and expertise to produce your jobs correct and in a timely fashion.Whether you need funeral programs, memorial posters, funeral bookmarks, prayer cards or any other funeral/memorial related printing we have you covered. With the fastest turnaround in the industry, we can have your prints delivered to your door as soon as today.
We have many different products to choose from. We even have complete memorial packages and unique options like “Share a Memory” cards to make your funeral service unique and memorable. 
-No-Fold Funeral Programs                                             -Memorial Posters 
-4 Page Folded Funeral Programs                                   -Death Annoucements 
-8 Page Folded Funeral Programs                                   -Funeral Fans 
-Memorial Cards                                                                -Folded Memorial Cards 
-Prayer Cards                                                                     -Thank You Cards 
-Memorial Bookmarks                                                      -And Much More!

Printed memorials with a center fold containing 2 or more pages within it's content thereby making it a booklet style presentation with ample room for many photos and text. This is the largest program layout you can create and is available in legal or tabloid size paper. This is printed on two or more sheets of paper, front and back making it a booklet presentation.
The traditional single fold funeral programs format is good because you can add as many pages as you'd like. The centerfold design comes in 3 sizes, letter, legal or tabloid and is often used for church bulletins and other type of event programs. This is the traditional style since it is the most widely used. A single fold down the center with multiple pages are often stapled or spiral bound in the center for a finished presentation. This is a popular choice for many families because it offers the most flexibility as far as adding more pages, if needed. The variety of sizes it is available in and easier assembly makes it a popular choice.
Trifold brochures are beautiful because are compact in size and the type of fold makes it a wonderful keepsake to tuck within a book or Bible. The trifold brochures have extensive collage designs on the front and the back of the program. You also can add additional pages to this type of format. There are 3 panels on each side in which you can add text within the brochure. Our trifold brochure templates are set in legal size 8.5 x 14 and large tabloid 11 x 17 to ensure sufficient text and photo space. This layout is used in business brochures but is also popular among wedding and funeral programs.
This is truly a unique layout but is a bit more complex than any of the other layouts presented here. Our professional full service design and print can create this lovely and one-of-a-kind layout assembled and distribution ready. The outer cover is a gatefold presentation when the gate folds are open, it reveals the graduated style program with the three tabs on the right side. This gives ample room for many photos and text to create the best printed memorial that gives an unforgettable program design.
The gatefold is similar to a trifold in that it provides 3 panels on each side of the paper for your content. The presentation fold is quite different however, since this layout with the 2 sides folding inward so that simulates a gate opening when the contents is revealed. It is also a unique format that is loved by many due to its different presentation. Because funeral programs often depict the golden gates, this style continues that by the way the reader opens the programs. It is quite a clever way to create a program.
The unique graduated style funeral program format presents side tabs on the right of the program and is increasingly becoming more popular among funeral programs. This layout is often called Step Fold or Cascade layout as well as it's more commonly used name Cascade. The unique design gives it a special presentation and is generally provided in a 4 or 8-page layout. In general, this type of program does not exceed 8 pages because of the graduation of the pages. It can be stapled if desired to complete the finishing touches. If your looking for something out of the ordinary, this is an attractive choice!
Funeral No Fold 4x6 or 5x7 Postcard Announcement or Small Handout Design & Print Service. Our flat card funeral announcements are created especially for families to help inform of a loved one's passing and upcoming service. They are even versatile enough, when thinking outside the box to use for any other type of announcement or even larger prayer card handout. Our postcard announcements can be given out at any service or mailed as a special announcement or memorial keepsake. They are available in a vertical or horizontal presentation as shown and printed on card stock heavy weight paper in Gloss or Matte finish.
Funeral Thank You Cards Top Fold Printing. Our thank you cards are presented with a full color front and our scripted "Thank You" wording written along side. An optional, personalized message can be imprinted on the inside. A gesture of gratitude by way of sending out thank you cards is a pure expression of love. Our thank you cards are beautifully printed for a great finishing touch to your service or can be sent any time of the year. 
Flat No Fold Funeral Cards Full Design and Printing Service. This funeral flat card can be used for announcement, memory card, or even a larger prayer card with or without a photo on the front. The finished size is 4.25" w x 5.5" high in a no fold presentation, printed front and back, in full color. Because we specialize in printing only funeral programs, you can rest assured you will receive the highest quality in the printing for your cards. Available in Matte or Gloss finish, great to distribute at the funeral or memorial ceremony or wake service.
Funeral posters (also called Memorial Posters) are a great way to personalize your loved one's funeral, memorial, or celebration of life service. This funeral poster prints look great on display at a guestbook table with funeral program templates, on a portrait easel, or as a key focal point on a funeral picture board. They're also a beautiful keepsake for family and friends to take home and display in remembrance of your loved one.
Casket head panel inserts fit inside of a funeral casket and offer a personalized presentation with a loved one's photo and personalized text. It is inserted in place of the standard panel of a casket for a custom tailored look. The insert can be kept inside the casket upon burial or removed and kept by the surviving family as a keepsake in honor of their loved one.
Vertical Retractable Banner. Light weight and sturdy, these banners are easy to set up, store, and carry. Printed using vibrant full-color ink they come pre-assembled on a durable Neschen banner stand. Perfect for your next trade show, corporate event, and presentation. 
Dimensions: Panel size (33" x 84); Visible size: 33 x 79.5 

Because there are so many different styles today on programs, it may help to note the advantages and characteristics of each type. By understanding what each of these styles provides, it will give you a better understanding on which funeral template to choose for a loved one.
Paper Options:
Gloss paper has a shiny and lustrous smooth coated gloss finish. Excellent for making full color printing appear more vibrant. 
Matte paper is a dull coated sheet that exhibits low gloss finish. Paper has minimal glare, making it easier to read text. 
Uncoated paper is easy to write on and should be used in projects such as a workbook or coloring book.
Funeral Program Wording and Ideas:
The specific wording and ideas shared in the funeral program vary depending on the style of service you are holding and the most important information you want to communicate. 
There are no hard and fast rules, which means that you have a lot of flexibility to determine the applicable information.
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